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Godox Witstro AD180 kit with Power pack PB960

Proizvođač: Godox
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5011

€ 299,00€ 150,00


WITSTRO Powerful & Portable Flash //AD180 //AD360  
  WITSTRO flash system is an AD180 or AD360 with bare tube, external power pack, wireless manual power control, and a range of dedicated light shaping accessories. The WITSTRO is 3 to 7 times powerful as typical hotshoe flashes with the size and weight alike. It offers studio quality lighting in outdoor photography, either as a hotshoe flashgun or an off-camera flash. Perfect for outdoor photography and journalistic portrait shooting in wedding, conference, party, celebration, and sports events, beach, etc.

Main Features:

* Studio Quality Lighting
AD180-180WS and GN60 (m ISO 100, with standard reflector)
AD360-360WS and GN80 (m ISO 100, with standard reflector)
Up to 28mm flash coverage without any dark corner
Better quality of light provided by flash tube and parabolic reflector

* Multiple Functions
S1/S2 slave triggering, Multi flash, hi-speed sync (up to 1/8000s)
Five camera-flash sync ways: hotshoe, 3.5mm & PC sync socket, S1/S2 slave triggering, wireless control port
Color temperature ranges within 5600±200K
Fits all brands of cameras and flash triggers

* Professional Power Pack
Use lithium battery pack (11.1V/4500mAh)
AD180 and AD360 separately offer 900 and 450 full power flashes
AD180 recycles in 0.05-2.6 seconds & AD360 in 0.05-4.5 seconds

* Wireless Remote Power Control
Optional FT-16 can wirelessly adjust WITSTRO flash power levels, control focus assist beam and sound beep, and wirelessly trigger flash

*Lightweight and Portable
Both AD180 and its power pack weigh around 550g (AD360, 780g)
Portably used on camera hotshoe or carried with power & accessories

* Full-Range Lighting Accessories
Include standard reflector, reflector filters, umbrella-style reflector, multifunctional softbox, beauty dish, snoots, color filters, wide angle diffuser, etc. Accessories are light and portable with compatible mount.
AD180(Click to see enlarged pictures)

AD360(Click to see enlarged pictures)

For details of PB960 and FT-16, click
PB960 Lithium Battery Pack 
FT-16 Remote Control 

Click to know more about WITSTRO ACCESSORY SYSTEM. 

AD180 Nomenclature & Control Panel (Click to see enlarged pictures)

AD360 Nomenclature & Control Panel (Click to see enlarged pictures)

  Technical Data
Model AD180 AD360
Max. Power 180WS 360WS
Guide No. (m ISO 100, with standard reflector) 60 80
Standard reflector on WITSTRO flash offer approx. 28mm coverage.
Vertical Rotation Angle -15° to 90°
Horizontal Rotation Angle 0 to 270°
Power Supply GODOX PB960 lithium power pack
Full Power Flashes (with PB960 power pack) 900 450
Recycle Time (with PB960 power pack) Approx. 0.05-2.6s Approx. 0.05-4.5s
Color Temperature 5600±200K
Flash Duration 1/300s-1/10000s
Dimension (flash tube & reflector not included) 205*90*70mm 220*95*75mm
Net Weight (flash tube & reflector not included) 550g 780g

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