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Godox AD-S17 Wide Angle Diffuser For Wistro AD Series

Proizvođač: Godox
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Godox AD-S17 Wide Angle Diffuser

€ 25,00

WITSTRO Powerful & Portable Flash Accessories  
  Godox develops a full series of light shaping accessories for WITSTRO flashes. With any of them, an AD180 or AD360 will give full play to its powerful strength and good light quality. Accessories are designed in small size, light weight, and easy carrying, aiming to give a portable and creative lighting solution. All light shaping accessories fit flashes from Quantum, Lumedyne, and Sunpac.

1. Beauty Dish with Grid 
Evenly spread WITSTRO light around the subject and create a soft-edged lighting effect. Good for showing object texture or skin tones. Add included grid to create directional light and produce catch light in the eyes. 
Model: AD-S3
Diameter: 30.5cm
Weight: 440g

2. Umbrella-Style Reflector 
Include an umbrella holder attached to WITSTRO flash head. Reflector with an umbrella helps throw clean and diffused light over longer distance.
Model: AD-S6
Diameter: 13.8cm
Weight: 60g

3. Fold-Up Umbrella 
Create a very large source of soft illumination. Fold up and carry easily.
Model: AD-S5
Diameter: 37″  
Fold-up length: 39cm  
Weight: 290g

4. Multi Softbox 
Portable softbox opens and folds up like an umbrella. Function as a diffused softbox, a beauty dish, or a gridded softbox. Help produce soft and even illumination, as well as attractive catchlight in the eyes.
Model: AD-S7
Diameter: 48cm   
Weight: 280g


5. Snoot 
Model: AD-S9
Concentrates light in a small area and highlights product details. Border areas fade into the dark. Good for shooting ear rings, watches, glasses, mobile phones, etc. 
Conical snoot: diameter 3.7cm, weight 40g
Cylindrical snoot: diameter 8cm, weight 70g

6. Color Gels & Reflector Grid 
Four colors (red, yellow, blue, green) to color light for the background. Each color has one piece.
The grid on standard reflector can limit light spread and provide sharper shadow. Create hair light, background light, or high light.
Model: AD-S11
Color Gels: diameter 12cm, weight 20g
Reflector Grid: diameter 11.6cm, weight 20g

7. Portable Light Boom 
Four sections that stretch from 0.5 meter to 1.6 meter. Attach flash on each end. Give light from top flexibly. It can be put above AD-S16 Floor Light Stand, working as a light stand.
Model: AD-S13
Length: Max. 160.5cm, Min. 54.5cm
Weight: 320g 

8. Extension Power Cable
5-meter power cable enables you to put your flash further or higher from the power.
Model: AD-S14
Length: 5m
Weight: 260g

9. Protection Cap 
Secure the flash tube during storage or transport.
Model: AD-S15
Diameter: 3.8cm
Height: 8cm
Weight: 30g

10. Floor Light Stand 
Provide light from the bottom. Working with AD-S13 portable light boom is available.
Model: AD-S16
Height: Max.84.5cm, Min. 45cm

11. Wide Angle Diffuser 
Domed diffuser offers 180 degrees of coverage. Soften the direct light to create diffused light.
Model: AD-S17
Diameter: 12cm   
Weight: 90g


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