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Olympus Zuiko Lens 11-22mm f2.8-3.5

Proizvođač: Olympus Zuiko Lens 11-22mm f2.8-3.5
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Šifra Proizvoda: 4846

€ 969,00

The F2.8-3.5 brightness of this wide zoom lens is really attractive. This high-performance lens covers the zoom range of 22-44mm on a 35mm camera, and the closest focusing distance is 28cm in the entire zoom area. It can create a desirable tension in your photographs by exaggerated perspective effect.

Two glass aspherical lens elements give the high image quality with high-resolution and good contrast.

Directly compatible with E-System cameras. Compatible with Micro Four Thirds digital cameras (PEN\OM-D) through use of the MMF-2 or MMF-3 (Four Thirds Lens Adapter to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter). The MMF-3 is dust and splash proof for use with that type of lens on a dust and splash proof body. Note, AF performance may diminish as compared to being on an E-System body.


Focal Length 11 mm - 22mm ( 35mm equivalent focal length 22mm - 44mm )
Lens construction 12 Elements in 10 Groups, including 2 Aspherical Lens Elements
Angle of View 89 to 53 Degree
Closest Focusing Distance 11.02 inches/0.28m
Maximum Image Magnification 0.13x ( 35mm equivalent Maximum Image Magnification 0.26x )
Minimum Field Size 133.1 x 100 mm
Number of Blades 7
Maximum Aperture f 2.8 Wide - f 3.5 Telephoto
Minimum Aperture f 22
Filter Size 72mm
Dimension Diameter 75 x 92.5mm
Weight 485g
Tele Converter EC-14 Yes
Extension Tube EX-25 No
Lens Hood LH-75
Lens Cap LC-72 (72mm)
Lens Case LSC-0918

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