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Vanguard Vanguard Alta Pro 264AT

Proizvođač: Vanguard
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5811

Vanguard Alta Pro 264AT ima jedinstvenu stabilnost i fleksibilnost. Ovaj aluminijumski tripod ima mogućnost transformacija više nego ijedan pre, centralna osa može da se rotira u svim smerovima za 180 stepeni, a nogare postave pod uglom od 25, 50 ili 80 stepeni.

€ 199,00

Vanguard 264AT Overview


The Vanguard Alta Pro 264AT 4-Section Aluminum Tripod features a Multi-Angle Central Column (MACC) system that enables the center column to swivel 180° from a straight-up orientation all the way to an upside-down orientation – with the ability to set the column at any angle along the way, including a 90° lateral position.


The lightweight aluminum tripod reaches a maximum height of 61" and supports loads up to 11 lb when tilted or 15.4 lb when straight. It folds down to a compact 21.1" for easy transport or storage. A bubble level on the chassis helps you ensure that the head attachment is flush with the horizon.

The 264AT's aluminum alloy legs can be set independently at three different angles – 25, 50, and 80° – to accommodate both low-angle shooting and shooting from uneven terrain. Non-slip rubber feet hide retractable spikes, which makes the tripod suitable for various types of terrain.

A carry bag is also included with the 264AT tripod.

Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) system allows you to securely reposition the central column in one simple movement while maintaining the tripod's stability
Removable hook at bottom of center column for adding a counterweight in windy conditions or for situations with unbalanced loads
Non-rotating hexagonal center column provides extra stability
Magnesium die-cast chassis and center post collar
Quick-flip leg locks

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