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Manfrotto MB LBAG110

Proizvođač: Manfrotto
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Šifra Proizvoda: 7943

€ 89,00

Long-lasting, portable and versatile.

This ergonomically designed light stand bag is the perfect heavy-duty choice for photographers on the go.

This bag can carry a lot more than you might think.

That's because its strong nylon design can withstand surprisingly heavy payloads, with capacity for up to 3 Quick Stack Light Stands of up to 109cm.

And thanks to its water-repelling materials, you can keep your equipment protected whatever the weather.

This light stand bag has a high-quality padded interior so you can easily store your gear.

Measuring 110cm x 20cm, it's spacious enough for all your day-to-day photography accessories.

It's also ideal for storing long poles that can be awkward to carry separately, especially if your in a busy location.

With a comfortably padded shoulder strap, you can wear and transport this bag comfortably.

And with excellent zippers, you can quickly unpack and pack your gear when your on the move.

Whether your on an urban adventure or shooting in the great outdoors, you can travel like a pro.

This light stand bag has been manufactured to high standards in Italy, it's durable and guaranteed to stand the test of time.



Weight: 0.52 kg

Internal Dimensions: 108 x 16 x 11 cm

External Dimensions: 110 x 16 x 12.5 cm

Color: Black

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