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Vanguard UP-Rise II 22

Proizvođač: Vanguard UP-Rise II 22
Dostupnost: Nema na stanju
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Šifra Proizvoda: 3712


UP-Rise 22

UP-Rise 22 shoulder bag holds one DSLR camera with attached  lens, one to two extra lens, flash and accessories. It has a limited lifetime warranty. UP-Rise is a combination of uncompromising quality and protection plus a new sleek and sporty design that appeals to enthusiasts and professionals alike!  UP-Rise breaks the mold of camera bag standards with its innovative ability to expand in size to accommodate your changing lens and gear needs. Every UP-Rise model expands with one easy zipper motion and shrinks back down when you don’t need the room. It’s two sizes in one! UP-Rise has a removable raincover, multiple pockets for extra memory cards and lens caps as well as an orange interior, making it easy to spot your loose gear.   


  • Holds one DSLR camera with attached lens, one to two extra lens, flash and accessories.
  • With one easy zipper motion, bag expands in size to accommodate changing lens and gear needs
  • Removable rain cover
  • Multiple pockets for small accessories
  • Inside Dimensions(LxWxH mm):220 x 115 x 180
  • Outside Dimensions(LxWxH mm):255 x 185 x 275
  • Weight(g):600
  • Inside Dimensions(LxWxH inches):
    8 5/8x4 1/2x 7 1/8
  • Outside Dimensions(LxWxH inches):
    10 x 7 1/4 x 10 3/4
  • Weight(lbs):1.32
  • Exterior Fabric:
    600D Polyester ripstop + 230D*230D Nylon
  • Interior Fabric:
    150D Polyester + Velvet
  • Capacity:
    One DSLR camera with attached lens and accessories like 1-2 extra lenses, flash, battery and charger

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