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FlyCam C-FLYCAM Stabilization System with Comfort Arm and Vest

FlyCam C-FLYCAM Stabilization System with Comfort Arm and Vest

Proizvođač: FlyCam C-FLYCAM Stabilization System with Comfort Arm and Vest
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€ 690,00








  • Fluid action motion shots, made easy
  • Custom design - Precision engineering
  • Simple set up - simple to use
  • Adjustable monitor Bracket
  • Quick release camera mount plate
  • Flexible handle with steel - bearing gimbal
  • Telescopic Post.


EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Matte box, LCD monitor


  • C-Flycam
  • Comfort Arm
  • Comfort Vest

This new and innovative approach to camera stabilizer design makes the C-Flycam Pro a lightweight, hand-held camcorder stabilizing system that can be used by amateurs and prosumers alike. For corporate communications, weddings, non-broadcast recording or family events the C Flycam Pro provides results like no other. It even has a LCD mounting bracket, a telescopic post for increased flexibility.


1. Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control
over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on
its axis.
2. Grip swavels left and right from the bolt. You can
easily move whole steadycam up and down.



The handle of C-flycam Pro is very smooth, easy to grip. It can be moved easily up and down, to and from.

  • Weight - 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • Aluminum & Hi-grade industrial plastic construction
  • 5 Square + 1 cylindrical weight supplied for optimum balance
  • Weighing Capacity- 2.5kg
  • 53cm(L) x 38cm(W)
  • LCD Monitor Bracket - 10 inches long
  • Diameter of Stabilizer Pipe - 28mm
  • Black non-reflective finish


Our C Flycam Pro is compatible with the following cameras:

Canon - xl1, xl2, xl h1, xh a1, xm1, xm2, hv20, hv20, hv40, hg20, d3100, 5d, 7d, t2i, t3i, 1000d, 450d, d30, d50, 1100d, 60d, 1d, Sx1 IS, 10d, gl1, gl2 etc.

Sony - vx2100, fx1000, fx1, fx2, pd150, pd170, z1u, a1u, v1u, z7u, z1p, hc36, hc65, trv19, A350, A700, A200k, A33-1, A100, A560, 7d, A390, A560, A300x, pdx10, pd100A

Panasonic - hvx200, dvx100, Fz100, fz1, gh1, gh2, dmc-L1, fz5, gs250, Dmc L10, g2, fz40, gf2, gf1, M70, GS120,

JVC- Gr-d94, Gz-hm400, Gz-hd5, Gc -Px1, Gz-Ms100, Gz-Ms230, Grdvl9800E, Grdx106E, Gz-Mg70, JyHd-10, Grd54E, Gz-Mg2, Gz-Mg30, Gz-Mg40, Gz-Mg77



The comfort arm is a CNC machined aluminum, durable, quality product, designed to be light in weight and fully functional. An adjustable shock absorbing spring gives operators the flexibility to capture hi and low angel shots with a minimum of fuss. The spring and bearing mechanism allows you to create silky smooth gliding movements just like a Hollywood pro.

The arm articulates on a series of eight fully sealed bearings allowing it to pivot, and boom while remaining absolutely silent in operation. The universal stabilizer bar is easily attached to the comfort vest and locked into place without the need of any tools. Removal is just as easy. Another built in design parameter for ease of use, fast set up and the cameraman's comfort in mind.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Matte box, LCD monitor, view finder


Versatile, light in weight with padded comfort in front, back and shoulder areas, eliminates fatigue and muscle strain common to extended periods of shooting time. A universal fit is ensured for all body types with the adjustable Velcro straps. Once comfort fit to the operator, further adjustments are not required. With the four-strap suspension system being adjustable as well, creature comfort is guaranteed. To remove the vest, a tug on the four 'quick release' buckles makes the job easy.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Matte box, LCD monitor

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