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Jinbei EM-60x90 Professional Photography Grid SoftBox

Proizvođač: Jinbei
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Jinbei EM-60x90 Professional Photography Grid SoftBox


Jinbei EM60x90 Pro Quality Softbox with Grid Square Shape
This size is best suited for a 1/2 length portrait of 1 or 2 people,
For product photography this size soft-box will cover 2-3 small items, (shoe box size)
The soft-box features a highly reflective silver interior, and its front face can be removed for easy access to the light and the interior baffle from the front,
You have the option of shooting without the front face for an increased output, or the interior baffle for different effects,
A medium size softbox will give you a light quality that is softer than smaller banks, and more contrasting light than larger banks,
This soft-box has a recessed front surface, which allows you to attach a grid to the front of the soft-box, this gives you more control with the direction of light,

This soft-box comes with Bowen S fitting,
We also have adapter rings for other fittings which can be bought separately, these include:
Balcar, White Lightening, Alien Bee, Einstein
profilux, elinchrom, broncolor, profoto

Easy to put up and dismantle,
Premium materials used to ensure accurate color temperature,
60x90cm in size, (surface)
Duo diffuser panels,
Also available in other sizes,
Basic construction required, assembles and disassembles quickly,

Package included:
1x 60cmx90cm front diffuser,
1x 60x90cm removable grid,
1x Interior diffuser,
4x Metal rods,
1x Speed ring with Bowens S fitting,
1x Highly reflective silver skin,(heat resistant)
1x Instruction Manual.

Item Code: EM60x90

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