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VANGUARD Quovio 44 Convertible Backpack/Sling

Proizvođač: VANGUARD
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5832

The QUOVIO 44 is a backpack that sling around to offer one-zipper, quick-action side access. Designed to fit a Pro DSLR with lens attached, 4-6 lenses (up to 400mm f/5.6), 2 flash units, accessories, a 10 tablet and carry a tripod.

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The QUOVIO 44 is a three in one deal: offering backpack, daypack and sling capabilities. With a one-zipper, quick-action, side access, it knows how to best handle the challenges of carrying and working while on the move. In all three carrying modes the bag slings round for full side opening in split seconds, so that even without taking it off, the content within is not compromised, and it allows you to easily grab-and-shoot. At Vanguard we know that a great bag is one you can use for a variety of gear set-ups and adapt to your changing professional working scenarios, so the QUOVIO 44s well-padded internal compartment sports versatile dividers that can utilize the entire internal space when needed, or create a separate large top compartment for personal effects when daypack mode is called for. Maximum capacity can fit a Pro DSLR with lens attached, 4-6 lenses (up to 400mm f/5.6), 2 flash units and accessories. An external front pocket will fit a 10 tablet and the top pocket above it is perfect to stow other essentials you need close at hand, such as lens caps, filters, phone or wallet. Also included is our optimal balance tripod carrying system.

All-encompassing protection features begin with our second-to-none quality, materials and bag construction, are reinforced by durable water resistant material along the bottom, and finally are always ready for any eventuality, staying dry with our total coverage rain cover. The QUOVIO 44 sports our unique ergonomic Air System back and harness and our clutter free stowable shoulder strap structure, which enables you to tuck away just one shoulder strap and transform effortlessly from harness carrying mode to right handed/left handed sling carrying mode. For extra stability and balance is a snap coupled waist belt. One can also transform the carrying handle from top vertical position to side horizontal position for easy transportation when not mounted on your back.

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