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NANGUANG NG-65C Pro Ring fluorescent light sa dimerom, ogledalom i držačem telefona

Proizvođač: NANGUANG
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5590

Idealna za sminkere i frizere.

€ 135,00

The NG-65C Pro Fluorescent Ring Light is the ideal lighting setup for YouTube channels or vlogs. It works well for one person interviews, tutorials and works extremely well for makeup artists or anyone who wishes to do makeup tutorials or any video that focuses on the face of a person.

The NG-65C Pro ring light gives a very balance lighting effect on the face, removing the harsh shadows. It also gives the person a donut-like catch light in the eyes and brightens up the person immediately. 

This light also comes with a power adjustment dial which allows you to adjust the output according to your needs up to the maximum of 65w. You can also put the diffuser layer on to soften the light even further.

One other use for this ring light is for macro product photography. Once again, the ring light removes the harsh shadows and allows you to take close up shots with just one light.


  • Ideal lighting for YouTube channels and vloggers
  • Perfect for markup artist or makeup tutorials
  • Good for macro product shots
  • Bendable bracket that allows you to adjust the light to any direction at any angles
  • Power adjustable
  • Constant daylight (5500k)


  • Power Supply: 110/240VAC
  • Light Source: Fluorescent light
  • Color Temperature: 5500K
  • Inner Diameter: 37cm
  • Outer Diameter: 49cm 
  • Power: 65W

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