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Nanguang CN-40C Fluorescent RING LIGHT

Nanguang CN-40C Fluorescent RING LIGHT

Proizvođač: Nanguang CN-40C Fluorescent RING LIGHT
Dostupnost: Na stanju
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5592

Idealan za sminkere, frizere, tattu Cena je za RING LIGHT, stativ i foto aparat se posebno kupuju.

€ 78,00

This Ring Fluorescent Light provides circular illumination, reducing hard shadow for macro shoots or portrait photos.

Professional fluorescent lamp with excellent colour rendering
Ring lamp design helps illuminate evenly and achieve great headshot, ideal for close up portrait
A flexi arm is included so you can easy adjust the camera to sit right in the middle of the ring

Power Supply: 110/240VAC
Light Source: Fluorescent light
Color Temperature: 5500K
Power: 40W
Inner diameter: 22cm
Outer diameter: 32cm

What's included,
1x 40W ring light with fluorescent ring tube
1x flexi arm

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