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Godox Speedlite Accessories kit SA-K6

Proizvođač: Godox Speedlite Accessories kit SA-K6
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Jin Hui B18-600 Diffuser Board

€ 44,00

Godox SA-K6 Speedlite Accessory Kit

Kit includes:

  • Softbox- Softens and evens out light distribution, and lowers contrast.
  • Flash Colour Effect Filter Kit - 7 colour filters – medium yellow, bright red, blue, full CT orange, half CT orange, quarter CT orange, full plus green.
  • Honeycomb- Precise and direct light output.  
  • Foldable Light Beam Snoot - Concentrates the light and creates a particular focus on a small still life object.
  • Flash Reflector Diffuser- Silver and white reflectors to reduce hard background shadows
  • Flash Holder Type E- Speedlite/umbrella bracket and a hotshoe clip designed to quickly mount a flashgun. 1/4" and 3/8" socket can be changed at the base for a tripod or light. 

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