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VANGUARD Pioneer 1000 Bow Hunting Sling Pack (16L, Green)

Proizvođač: VANGUARD
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5854

PIONEER 1000 is a 16 liter sling designed for bow hunting. It will safely carry your bow and arrows alongside other hunting gear: water, rations and personal essentials. 

€ 99,00



The PIONEER 1000 will enhance your bow hunting practice with its dedicated quiver mount holding and positioning system. Compact and well thought out it offers intuitive action in the field. Packed with dedicated bow hunting features and details this bag will address any eventuality and stealthily support your every adventure, making sure you never miss a shot.

The compact yet spacious 16 liter main compartment can be expanded or contracted to hold as much or as little gear and personal items as you need. The butterfly attachment system will secure and perfectly balance your bow, while the hip-belt will comfortably mount the arrows in easy reach. Additional external connectors, clasps and cords will enable extra attachment points for any other gear you may need, such as jacket etc.

Strategically integrated internal and external pockets offer dedicated storage and organizational solutions. Safely stow personal essentials such as your wallet and licenses in a water tight top pocket; make sure to always stay hydrated by utilizing the internal water bladder pocket and extracting the drinking tube to conveniently connect on the sling strap; deploy quick hip draw when using waist belt pocket; and always have your phone on hand while stored in the sling strap pocket.

The sleek design of the PIONEER 1000 offers ultimate mobility in extreme outdoor conditions. Features include: ergonomic well-padded back and sling strap, XXL silicone zipper pullers - orange color coded for main opening; water resistant, easy to clean, anti-scratch and durable material on the bottom; and our total coverage rain cover, which comes in orange to enhance personal safety.

• Silent, water repellent, soft and durable fabric
• Well-padded, breathable back, sling strap and waist belt
• Top quick grip handle
• Optimal balance, secure bow butterfly attachment system
• Versatile connectors for attaching additional gear
• XXL orange silicone zipper pullers, orange color coded for main opening
• Dedicated pockets for all gear and essentials
• Water tight pocket to keep essential personal effects secure, clean and dry
• Built in water bladder compartment and drinking tube connector on sling strap 
• Waist belt with quick access to arrow mounts and zip pocket.
• Hypalon reinforced compression straps
• Water resistant, easy to clean, anti-scratch and durable material on the bottom
• Total coverage orange rain cover 


Warranty 2 Years
Extended Warranty 20 Years
Application hunting
Shoulder Bag Type Sling bag
Weight (lb) 2.16
Color Green
Load capacity (lbs) 23
Outside Dimensions (in) 11 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 17 3/8"

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