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GoldenShell DPIII-800

Proizvođač: GoldenShell
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Šifra Proizvoda: 4526

Outstanding speedy fash duration may fulfill strict requests of capturing moving images. Shortest recycling time can realize 3 times continuous fashes per second. Large size of LCD screen has full function and intuitive display. 1/4000s High-speed fash duration by full power output 7f-stops 1/1-...

€ 320,00

Jinbei DPIII Series Pro digital studio flash adopts advanced driving circuit design and breaks through the traditional control mode of studio flash. It increases output precision, leads to faster recycling time as well as more stable and reliable performance.


  • GN60
  • Factory code: 01.210002
  • LED digital display, 6 stops 1/32-1/1 power regulation with high precision, up to 0.1 accurate power adjustment, 1% accuracy of voltage stabilization and standard color temperature
  • Fast recycling time may satisfy the demand for capturing high speed moving object
  • Professional modeling lamp control modes, including modeling lamp on/off mode, modeling lamp proportion mode, modeling lamp full power and modeling lamp independent regulation mode
  • Distinctive design of lock device, flexible but durable, can be embedded in both top and bottom slideways, which is convenient diverse uses of this flash
  •  Europe version with 220V power supply! Not for 110V! 

Package Content

  • 1 x Studio flash
  • 1 x Flash tube
  • 1 x Modelling lamp
  • 1 x Protection cap
  • The reflector shown in the pictures is not part of the package. The product will be delivered with a protection cap! We are using DPIII-600 to demenstrate the appearance alike DPIII-300
  • Please note the plug is Australian type only, you might have to purchase a universal plug for local use!

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