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Jinbei QH-B038 Autopole 3850mm X2

Proizvođač: Jinbei QH-B038 Autopole 3850mm X2
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Šifra Proizvoda: 4578

QH-B038 Autopole 3850mm X2

€ 250,00

Weifeng QH-B038 Autopole 3850mm X2

This is a professional grade photographic studio background support. The auto-pole is fully extendable from 2.15m to to 3.8m.

An auto-pole is used as a vertical support which is typically supported by a floor and a ceiling (or two horizontal surfaces) without any other additional parts required for it to stand alone.
Light weight aluminum materials and fast setup for location shootings. It is black powder coated finish and is built to last.  Rubber heads on both ends to minimise or eliminate impact on supporting surfaces.

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