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Leica SF58 Electronic Flash Unit

Proizvođač: Leica
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Light source with system

The Leica SF 58 is a powerful and versatile flash unit that is perfectly adapted to the Leica M, R and S systems. Whether you employ its sensitive control options to carefully lighten up a subject, its innovative reflector technology to diversify the lighting and capture movement, or its full capacity to turn the dead of night into living day, is up to you and your creative incentives. Thanks to ample power reserves, extreme speed, comprehensive features and simple handling, the Leica SF 58 is cut out for any challenge - and, thanks to its integrated USB port, the firmware always remains up to date.

Beyond darkness

When you realise that a flash unit can do more than just help you take pictures in the dark, you will discover in the Leica SF 58 a creative light with vast potential - enabling you to achieve anything from subtle fill-in and indirect flash light using the tilt reflector, to decoupled flash operation in slave mode. It is designed specifically for the Leica system camera and, as such, enables you to concentrate fully on the subject whilst leaving the exposure up to the camera.

Brilliant combo

While the main reflector is responsible for the indirect flash, the secondary reflector can be used to lighten up the darks and generate brilliant results. The extra light can be adjusted in three steps and adapted to the subject.

Creative light distribution

The Leica SF 58 boasts a tilt reflector with a broad adjustable range. It enables you to bounce the flash off a roof or wall and avoid harsh shadows and reflections. This form of indirect lighting is good news for portrait photographers, as the reflector will tilt up to 7 degrees vertically, facilitating fantastic close-up shots.


At a glance

Thanks to a spacious, back-lit LC-Display and a well-structured menu, the Leica SF 58 is very easy to operate. All flash functions are effortlessly adjusted using all but four keys. Depending on the camera type and mode, the Leica SF 58 will automatically register the focal length, aperture and ISO and display the information on its screen, simultaneously calculating the maximum range at maximum flash power. Successful exposures are optionally confirmed with a beep.

A flash with a bright future

The Leica SF 58 sports an integrated USB port for firmware updating, making this flash an investment with a bright future.

Wide angle ready

The optionally available diffuser can be used to create an exceptionally soft lighting effect, covering focal lengths down to 16 mm - great for portrait photography. The integrated wideangle diffuser disc illuminates the angle of an 18 mm lens.

Taking successful images on any occasion

Image 1: Highlighting atmosphere

This photo was taken backstage at the highly acclaimed show "Qi", currently running at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. It demonstrates how natural indirect lighting can look - especially when the ambient light is included in the shot.

Image 2: The perfect fill flash

The powerful SF 58 is ideal when you want to lighten up a dark subject. The camera's fully automated fill-flash achieves perfect results even in direct backlight.

Image 3: Subtle effects

The Leica SF 58 complements the ambient light beautifully. Its indirect flash can potentially produce a very subtle effect.

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LEICA SF 58 black 14488
Diffusor - 14489

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