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Video Light LED VL001B

Proizvođač: Video Light
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Šifra Proizvoda: 6189

Video Light LED VL001B je jedan od jačih kompaktnih LED reflektorai.Ima životni vek od oko 10000 sati. Nudi dve temeprature boja (5500K i 3200K), Ovaj LED reflektor se dobija sa baterijom i punjačem.

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1. Made with professional color balanced white LED lamp. 
2. Energy-saving and environmental-friendly design with maximum power consumption at approximately 3-20w only 
3. Adjustable barn doors design and built- in condenser lens allow maximum flexibility of wide/narrow homogenous light projecting angles. 
4. The Camera Light provides high-intensity illumination with higher luminous efficiency:LED Video LightBPS-1800 can reach 1200lux(LM). 
5. Selectable 5500k/3200k color temperature suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. 
6. High beam and flood light settings using the condenser lens. 
7. Maintenance free with 10,000 hours long life usage.Excellent impact and weather resistance quality. 
8. Built-in standard accessory shoe for additional equipment mount. 
9. Dual installation setup using accessory shoe or bolt mounting.

Compatible With
1. Video taking, either for lights setup or supplement. 
2. Universal Standard Hotshoe,could work with: 
Canon:1100D/600D/60D/550D/50D/5D Mark II/ 
1DMark II /1D Mark III /1D Mark IV /Rebel XS XSi T1i T2i T3 T3i XT XTi ... ... 
Nikon: D300/D300s/D700/D3000/D3100/ 
D5000/D9000/D7000 .... .... 
Pentax: K-X/K-7... ... 
Olympus: E-300/E-330/E-410 ... ... 
3. It also could work with any other standard hot shoe cameras and camcorders. 
4. If you want this item work with Sony Camera/Camcords, you may need an extrahot shoe converter.

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