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Weifeng WT-9903

Proizvođač: Weifeng
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5951

Weifeng WT-9903 je tripod izuzetne čvrstine snage, sa fluidnom video glavom. Namenjen je video snimanju. Njegova maksimalna nosivost iznosi 10kg

€ 485,00

WT Series



● Fluid headof 100mm bowl size provides a smooth and easy tilt and pan action that canrealize a -85°to +85°tilt angle

● If thecounterbalance knob was tightened, when you release the handle after the headmoved up or down, the head will go back automatically.

● A quick release system with a safety lock preventsinadvertent disengagement of the camera latch


● The legs utilize large ergonomic lock adjustment knobs and rubber feet forstability

● The ground spreader makes the tripod smoother and more stable

● Thecarrying bag is large enough to hold the legs, head and spreader, which isconvenient for transport and can better protect the tripod.


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