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FlyCam Suavizar , COMPLIMENTARY-Arm Brace

FlyCam Suavizar , COMPLIMENTARY-Arm Brace

Proizvođač: FlyCam Suavizar , COMPLIMENTARY-Arm Brace
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  • Quality construction for long life operation
  • Operator tested and approved
  • Introducing our new Genus counter balance system
  • In stalk wire runs for tangle free operation
  • Dramatic balance improvement using functioning components
  • Our 100% Quality Assurance Guaranty


EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Battery, LCD and LCD Sunshade

Originally introduced to the film world in 1975, the combination of operator and machine in a garment configuration that was capable of providing never seen before, fluid like movement and amazing shots, helped many a cinematographer including Haskell Wexler, win an Academy Award. The 'Wow' Factor still remains today.



Videos are for DEMONSTRATION purpose Only


  • Suavizar Flycam.
  • Arm Brace.
  • Ball Tilt Head.

This rig has extraordinary monitor mount with various adjustments and a unique Genus system design for holding fire store and wires along with provision to mount 2 V-mount batteries and gives great battery backup. The Genus system stunning design helps you to keep any recording equipment in it.

  • Standard dovetail base for mounting future options or accessories
  • 3-pin Lemo power connectors for additional power output or input via 2nd battery mount
  • Optional 2nd battery mount for parallel 12V/24V capability
  • Anton Bauer or V-lock battery compatible - please specify on order
  • LCD Monitor mounting provision
  • No tools adjustable - knurled ergonomic gimbaled handle
  • Multi adjustment control for Monitor mounting
  • CNC Made Monitor mount and Genus system

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Battery, LCD and LCD Sunshade


The Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots (holes) to accommodate a variety of today's camera bases. The operator can slide the camera base plate of steadycam on both the horizontal and vertical axis. By adjusting the thumbscrews and moving the camera base plate to the desired position for proper balance, it becomes an easy procedure.



Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis. You can easily move whole steadicam up and down. Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.



The Ball Tilt Head completely made from strong and durable plastic ideal for all standard tripods having 1/4" screw. The Ball Head allows the camera to move in desired direction. It provides super smooth movement and super strong gripping.

EXCLUSIVE of Battery, LCD and LCD Sunshade


The top junction box has 4 input and output points from providing the signals to camera and from camera to LCD and battery. The system has whole wiring from inside the sled to avoid any kind of disturbance while operating the Flycam.

You can adjust the Genus counter system to up and down for Flycam balance.

This simple but very stable and lightweight base system, is a great starting point. It maybe simple, but it has wonderful design. Genus base system is totally configurable to the dynamic needs of any professional operator.


As every operator knows, the end of a long day of continuous shooting can create arm fatigue, stress and strain. 'Live' productions of concerts, sporting events even weddings can leave you arm weary, stiff and sore. To combat the physical problems encountered especially with heavier cameras, our design team created a special arm brace that evens the weight distribution from grip to forearm. The results, operators are 'good to go' for extended periods of shooting time.

  • Reduces arm fatigue and strain.
  • Designed to evenly distribute weight over the entire forearm.
  • Aluminum support bar runs full length of the brace.
  • Instant 'Off/On' attachment.
  • Additional camera support and control.
  • Adjustable comfort angle for grip handle.
  • Multiple adjustment handle positions.
  • Soft surface padded grip handle.
  • Foam padded wearing comfort.
  • Secure non-slip mounting with Velcro straps.
  • Custom fit adjustments.
  • Anti reflective matte black finish.
  • Quality construction.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Battery, LCD and LCD Sunshade

Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote slings.


EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Battery, LCD and LCD Sunshade


NOTE: Flycam can also be used without Arm Brace

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