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FlyCam DSLR Nano with Arm Brace and COMPLIMENTARY Quick Release

FlyCam DSLR Nano with Arm Brace and COMPLIMENTARY Quick Release

Proizvođač: FlyCam DSLR Nano with Arm Brace and COMPLIMENTARY Quick Release
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€ 260,00







  • Engineered to support cameras upto 1.5kg
  • Telescopic sled for perfect balancing
  • X&Y camera mount capability
  • Fast set up
  • Accommodates a range of cameras from
  • Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Fuji






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  • DSLR FLYCAM Nano with quick release adapter plate
  • Arm Brace

The DSLR Flycam Nano camera-stabilizing platform has been well received in the marketplace. Professionals and amateurs alike have commented on the Nano's portability, lightweight, fully capable camera stabilization platform. When you include a value added price point, it's easy to see why the Nano gets rave reviews.

Our up-dated DSLR Flycam Nano gives small market video-makers the same quality and flexible equipment their big brother professionals demand. For digital photographers and videographers alike, the move to lightweight but dependable equipment that gets the job done with a minimum of fuss, is more than desirable, its a must.

With the DSLR Flycam Nano gone are the days of lugging around an awkward tripod, head, spreaders and sticks. No more heavy backbreaking dollies needed to get that perfect travelling shot. The Nano does it all and more. Imagine the creative possibilities. Easy to set up and easier to use our DSLR Flycam Nano works perfectly with the following cameras-

Canon: 5d Mark II, EOS7D, 1000D, 40D, 50D, 450D, 60D, 1100D, 30D, 20D,3 50D, 450D, Rebel XSI, XT, T2I, 500D, 550D,
Rebel 500D
Sony: A230, A330, A350, A380, A200, A580, A900, A700, A100, A290, A450, A500, A390, A850, A300, A560, A290
Nikon: D70, D90, D40, D60, D40X, D3, D3X, D3S, D5000, D3100, D3000, D80, D60, D700, D300, D3S
Panasonic: Lumix Gla, DMC-FZ 50K, GH1, GH2, G1, G10, DMC- FZ7
Fuji: S3500, S6900, S2500, S1800, HS10, S700, S8000, S5800, 5200EXR, S3, S5 S5200HD, 58000FD, S3, S5

  • DSLR Flycam Nano
  • Arm Brace
  • COMPLIMENTARY Quick Release
  • Perfect balance made easy by adjusting system weights
  • Secure weight attachment to the plate by ¼ screw
  • Fully adjustable telescopic sled for perfect balance New visual and revised copy
  • Comfort grip for stabilization no more shaky cams and blurred pictures
  • Easily
  • get that 'perfect' shot in any camera position

  • Stabilizer constructed of cast aluminum with a black power coating
  • Industrial grade Camera Platform knobs
  • Fatigue free soft hand-grip foam
  • Balancing weights made of MS & powder coating
  • Weight disc dia = 65mm
  • Weight thickness = 4.5mm
  • Fastening screw = 1/4
  • Stabilizer weight = 1.60 Kg
  • Single disc weight = 95grm
  • Length of Stabilizer = 14.5
  • Extended telescopic length = 22.5
  • Top plate dimensions = 7" (L) x 4"(L)
  • Diameter of sled = 23mm
  • Matt black stabilizer


Arm Brace is very useful for all cameras. Not only it gives you the ability to use the Flycam for longer periods of time, it also removes a lot of the strain from your wrist.

It has an aluminum bar that runs the full length of the brace. Attached to the end of the bar is an aluminum post that inserts into the handle of the Flycam, allowing your arm to support the weight. Your palm and fingers wrap around the handle to provide additional support and control.

TThe angle of the handle can also be adjusted by choosing one of the additional mounting holes for individual comfort and a variety of shooting positions. Examples are straight up for low shots and straight out for higher shots The Arm Brace is foam padded and mounts securely around your forearm, using Velcro straps and elastic for quick access and individual fit

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