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FlyCam 5000 Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate & Arm Brace

FlyCam 5000 Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate & Arm Brace

Proizvođač: FlyCam 5000 Stabilizer with Quick Release Plate & Arm Brace
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A professional quality, lightweight, hand held camera stabilizing platform for cameras from 2-7 lbs


  • Eliminates the need for a dolly and track -
    even a tripod and spreaders
  • Simple set up and balancing mechanism
  • 360 degree panning capability
  • Only15 inches tall but big on shot capability
  • Lightweight precision aluminum build
  • Monopod use when desired




Videos are for DEMONSTRATION purpose only
  • FLYCAM 5000 with quick release adapter plate
  • Arm Brace

Our Flycam 5000 steadycam platform. This quality engineered camera stabilization system was designed from the ground up to be lightweight, durable and fully functional. Best of all it enables cameramen to shoot fluid movement image capture, no matter what the situation. No more unacceptable shaky cam, jittery or blurred pictures. Kudos to the design team for creating something so small that can do so much and fit into a normal carrying bag. An amazing product providing amazing results.



  • Telescopic post with gimbaled assembly
  • Head Plate 7" x 4.9" x .75"
  • Mid plate 4.5" x 4"
  • Bottom plate 4.5" x 4.5"
  • Base Platform 4" x 10"
  • 16 Counter weight disks
  • 4 weight holding cups
  • Counter Weights averages 2.8 ounces
  • Camera Plate has 1/4" mounting holes
  • CNC machined Black anodized aluminum
  • Double bearing construction
  • Easy glide handle
  • Universal mount head plate
  • Fits most Canon, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic cameras Ask us for the list

1. Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis.
2. Grip swavels left and right from the bolt. You can easily move whole steadycam up and down.
3. Angle bracket enables grip to move up and down.
The camera is mounted on one end of the 'Post', and the battery and monitor (and whatever special electronics the operator has added) are mounted to the other end.


Pro quick release plates will fit to almost every camera and will prevent your camera from rotating or moving on the plate.
Pro quick release plates are designed to allow access to all camera
controls and functions without removing the plate
Pro quick release plates are designed to provide maximum contact area to the bottom of the camera increasing stability and helping
to minimize flexing of the camera body.
Our plates are precision C.N.C. machined from solid metal.
We have eliminated all unnecessary threaded bosses etc.
to further reduce weight.
Black anodized finish.
We use advanced computer aided design software to create super strong lightweight plates.

  • Designed to evenly distribute weight over the entire forearm
  • Reduces arm fatigue and strain
  • Quality construction
  • Adjustable fit for continuous comfort
  • Additional camera support and control
  • Instant 'On-Off' attachment
  • Anti reflective matte black finish

As every operator knows, the end of a long day of continuous shooting can create arm fatigue, stress and strain. 'Live' productions of concerts, sporting events even weddings can leave you arm weary, stiff and sore. To combat the physical problems encountered especially with heavier cameras, The Cine City design team created a special arm brace that evens the weight distribution from grip to forearm. The results, operators are 'good to go' for extended periods of shooting time.



  • Reduces arm fatigue and strain
  • Designed to evenly distribute weight over the entire forearm
  • Aluminum support bar runs full length of the brace
  • Instant 'Off/On' attachment
  • Additional camera support and control
  • Adjustable comfort angle for grip handle
  • Multiple adjustment handle positions
  • Soft surface padded grip handle
  • Foam padded wearing comfort
  • Secure non-slip mounting with Velcro straps
  • Custom fit adjustments
  • Quality construction
  • Anti reflective matte black finish

can be used along with Arm Brace


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