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Manfrotto MH804-3W Glava ADAPTO 3 WAY HEAD RC2

Proizvođač: Manfrotto
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5894

Foto glava koja se okreće u 3 ose napravljena od izdržljivog i laganog polimera. Još kompaktnija od stare verzije zahvaljujući ručicama koje se uvlače.

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The Manfrotto MH804-3W 3-Way Head with RC2 Quick Release Kit was put together by B&H to offer photographers a space saving, lightweight camera support solution. The use of Adapto technopolymer has enabled a sturdy construction that weighs in at just 1.65 lb yet is capable of supporting cameras weighing up to 8.8 lb. A built-in spring in the lateral tilting stage helps compensate for heavier cameras with off-center loads or long lenses. When finished shooting the ergonomic, rubberized handles retract for compact storage and transport. Additionally, the kit comes with 2 quick release camera plates.

  • Manfrotto MH804-3W 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head


    The MH804-3W 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head from Manfrotto replaces and improves upon the design of the 804RC2. This head incorporates retractable handles which decreases the overall size when not in use. A built-in spring assists with the tilting motion of the head by compensating for heavier lenses and cameras with off-center loads. The head stands 4.7" high, weighs 1.65 lb, and can hold up to 8.8 lb. A 200LT-PL quick-release plate is included for quickly attaching and removing your camera from the head.


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