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Yongnuo 40mm F2.8N Standard Prime

Proizvođač: Yongnuo
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Šifra Proizvoda: 6324

YONGNUO 40mm F2.8N Standard Prime

€ 125,00

  • Finishing Aspheric Lens: YN40mm F2.8N carries finishing aspheric lens, which effectively compensate various aberration
  • Firmware Upgrade: YN40mm F2.8N has a USB Port to maintain maximum compatibility and performance, the firmware of the lens can be updated
  • F2.8 Large Aperture: F2.8 bright and large aperture helps to blur out the background and highlight the subject
  • Auto Focus (AF) and Manual Focus (MF): YN40mm F2.8N supports auto focus and manual focus. You can choose focus mode according to the practical shooting needs
  • Metal Mount and Gold Plating Design: YN40mm F2.8N adopts chrome plated and high-precision metal mount, wearable, corrosion-resistantand. Adopts gold-plating metal contacts to effectively increase signal conductivity and corrosion resistance

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