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Samyang 16mm T2.2 VDSLR

Proizvođač: Samyang
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Šifra Proizvoda: 4489

Ultra wide angle, bright Samyang 16mm T2.2 ED AS UMC CS lens is designed for APS-C, MFT cameras and camcorders.

€ 449,00

Ultra wide angle, bright Samyang 16mm T2.2 ED AS UMC CS lens is designed for APS-C, MFT cameras and camcorders. It is available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Sony E, Canon M (EF-EDSM), Fujifilm X and Olympus, Panasonic and Micro Four-Thirds. VDSLR Samyang lenses are fitted with racks compatible with the Follow Focus system. This solution allows for effortless and accurate rotation of focus and aperture rings. The aperture ring is rotated smoothly and noiselessly. These modifications allow for extremely comfortable and effective control of focal plane and depth of field during filming.

The Samyang VDSLR Cine lenses are rated in T-stops rather than F-stops. F-stop expresses the speed of the lens on the assumption that the lens transmits 100% of the incident light. The T-number expresses the actual light transmission. Samyang's Cine lenses are rated in T-stops, and thus ensure accuracy for exposure purposes in filming.

The lens has been designed with an extreme care for details. Its optics comprise 13 elements arranged in 11 groups, including 1 ED element, 1 aspherical element and 1 hybriad-aspherical element. The lenses have been covered with multi-layered anti-reflective UMC coatings to ensure perfect light transmission to minimize flare and ghosting. the outer body is solid, weighing approximiately 570g.

Feature Detail
  • glass shpherical lenses (AS)

    The adaption glass asperical lenses reproduce aberration to get high quality image in center and edge of frame and excellent contrast.

  • low dispersion (ED)

    Low dispersion lenses decrease dispersion of unnessarry light so that make aberration little effectively.

  • continuous rotating rings

    That makes it control that focus and depth of field precisely and calmly.

  • ultra multi coating(UMC)

    We apply the UMC(ultra multi coating) of our own technology to reduce flare and ghost as much as possible and get clear and fresh color image.

  • uncoupled aperture rings

    During filming you can control it smooth and calm so you will get precise and accurate work.


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