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FILMCITY Shoulder Rig Kit FC-75

FILMCITY Shoulder Rig Kit FC-75

Proizvođač: FILMCITY Shoulder Rig Kit FC-75
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€ 360,00

Make you shoot or video production steady, precise and smooth

  • Innovative custom fit adjustments.
  • Shoulder and Tripod mount Features
  • Telescopic Handles prevent arm fatigue
  • Best-designed, compact Rig available in the market today.
  • Unbeatable Price

Easy to set up and Easy to use


At Filmcity, we take great pride in producing quality brands that meet and exceed the demands of professional and amateur film/video makers for all of our product lines. Quality is a given in all that we do. With our in house design, engineering and manufacturing capability, we are able to react quickly to changes in technology and provide solutions to production requirements. Add great customer service, aggressive price points, a dedication to continuous improvement, an ever increasing loyal customer base and you have the basic elements for our success.

  • Shoulder rig
  • 9'' camera cage
  • X2 Follow focus
  • MB-77 Matte box
  • Mounting Arm with 15mm adapter
  • Straight Bracket


  • All new design - All new performance.
  • Light-weight adjustable Rods.
  • Rods are of 15 mm Industrial standard.
  • Quality of Rods aluminium with standard spec.
  • Easy to adjust and setup.
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Standard camera mount thread setting of 1/4" and 3/8".
  • Can be used without cage also.
  • Unique design in Industry.
  • Easy to mount on Tripod.
Can be used on Tripod





  • Shoulder and back supports are foam lined for comfort and stability fit
  • Multi position adjustability for perfect
  • Minimizes stress and fatigue encountered on long days of shooting.
  • Quality construction for years of comfortable service.


    Single Rail mount 15 mm standard follow focus
    FILMCITY Follow Focus is a single rail mount system completely CNC from high grade aluminum. It features an adjustable marking point and has a magnetic marking disc which is removable. The arm is adjustable allowing you to switch the sides of the follow focus for either left or right handed users. One of the best attributes of the FILMCITY Rigs Follow Focus is that it has nearly zero backlash giving you more control and precision in your focus.

    In keeping with technological advances in image capture FILMCITY has recently introduced their new FILMCITY Follow Focus X2 . A quality, full featured, fast focus product, equal to the most modern DV/HDV/ & DSLR camera lenses available today. With more and more DSLR's used to record video, a proper follow focus system is a must.

    Easy to mount on single 15mm rod systems

    • Gear driven design for slip-free, accurate movement.
    • Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter
    • Adjustable locking system.
    • Mounts on 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center)
    • Magnetic position indicator. Allows extreme focus lenses to be geared.
    • Follow focus industry standard 0.8 module.
    • Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive (Interchangeable gear drives (currently shipping 0.8/2.51mm pitch) .
    • Gear ring with Unique locking method to prevent loose rack, works on any prime or zoom lens.

    Perfect Eye Level.

    Shoulder rig is good for using with dv/hdv/dslr camcorders
    • All aluminum construction except knobs and marking disk.
    • Magnetic marking disk.
    • Gear Arm adjustable distance : 55 mm.
    • Gear Diameter - 40mm.
    • Follow Focus Construction - Black Anodized Aluminum.
    • Fit Rail Distance : 60 mm.
    • Fit Rail Diameter - 15 mm.
    • Nylon and ABS Gears .
    • Dial Index Adjustment - 360 degrees .
    • Dial Outside Diameter - 90mm (of white outer wheel).
    • Gear Weight - 30 grams.
    • Follow Focus Weight - 600 grams approx .


    Individually use of cage
    FILMCITY Camera Cage with Top handle DSLR cameras. We provide nearly the same quality and function . It has a quick release camera mounting plate , you can easily & quickly attach or detach the camera from the cage. We have designed a very light in weight and flexible camera cage fulfilling all your needs related to camera. The Top Handle with soft grip is an excellent feature of the cage to enables the users in doing hand-held shooting for a long time without exhaustion. The cage comes with tripod mounting plate.

    • Cage is made of strong and lightweight polyamide 66 with swing away mechanism.
    • Aluminum light weight rods.
    • Cage design is good for using with dv/hdv/dslr camcorders.
    • The Cage with Top handle is flexible can be used from both right and left side as per your convenience.
    • Accessories like follow focus and matte box can be mounted onto the rods.
    • Quick release along with the tripod mounting plate is made from metal.
    • Completely hand held to take low mode shots as well.

    Extremely light weight


    The Arm is composed of 3-joints that can be quickly and efficiently locked or released using a kip lever-based central mechanism. All 3 joints can be simultaneously locked using the single central locking knob.

    While supporting camera lights and monitors, you can move the arm horizontally or vertically, as well as achieve tilt adjustments to obtain the best possible view. With equal length on both sides, the arm offers increased strength and holding resistance.


    This Single Handle Grip is special designed for camera cage. It is installed on the camera cage with coming very tight and stable knob. With anti-slip and soft rubber grip, it’s comfortable to hold the large camera such as Canon 7D, 5D Mark II and so on, only one hand not need both hand to take camera. It is very easy to carry.


    Our FILMCITY grip comes with Quick Release plate . It has Standard camera mount thread setting of 1/4" and 3/8". It has tripod mounting provision


    • Body made of plastic.
    • Compatible with industry standard 15mm rods.
    • Adjustable height to fit different lens sizes and diameters.
    • Removable french and side flags for easy carrying.
    • High quality and durable.
    • Simple to use.
    • Adjustable rise up to 45mm to match the camera lens on the rails.
    • Top and Side barn doors are easily adjustable and can be removed for storage and transportation


    This is 15mm Straight Bracket can be used as central bracket to center the camera. It can be used where using Shoulder Mount with 15mm Rails (60mm center distance) or with any other package as per the compatibility. It is very useful accessory for the DSLR users to bring the camera more closer to the eye. The 15mm Straight Bracket is made of high impact, high strength polyamide 66.


    Best to used together with the Follow Focus and Matte box

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    EXCLUSIVE of Camera, Tripod stand and View finder

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