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FUJIFILM Frontier DL 450

Proizvođač: FUJIFILM
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Šifra Proizvoda: 6026

Neverovatan kvalitet fotografija i brzina.

€ 18.000,00

The Fujifilm Frontier DL450 Dry Minilab is ideal for photofinishers who require high performance, high speed production and low maintenance.

The Frontier DL450 is designed to accommodate large and small print jobs, providing up to 950 prints per hour (4”x6” print size) or up to 310 prints per hour (8”x10” print size) using its unique double magazines with dual lanes which can accommodate up to four rolls of paper.

Complete with small footprint (0.87m²) and high processing capability, the Frontier DL450 can print on 12” paper as well as 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” 10” and 11” papers up to 12” x 36” panoramic prints (all with a 36” advance), enabling photofinishers to meet the majority of customer printing needs.

The Frontier DL450 also facilitates photo books and other lucrative value-added product offerings (cards, calendars, etc) thanks to its support for sheet paper and ability to produce double-sided prints.

The Frontier DL450 is powered by Fujifilm’s Frontier Workflow Management Software “MS”, with integrated Image Intelligence™ technology.

Image Intelligence™ automatically compensates for conditions such as poor lighting, backlighting, high contrast, underexposure or overexposure. It also makes skin tones more natural and facial expressions more distinctive. Processing time is reduced because photo correction is automatic ensuring high quality prints.

Fujifilm Quality Dry Photo Paper – inkjet paper used specifically with the Frontier DL450 – achieves vivid colours, high black density and pure whites, ensuring high quality prints that offer outstanding gloss and detail.

Frontier DL450 regular maintenance simply involves changing the ink cartridges and papers.

FUJIFILM Australia Senior Category Manager - Hardware, Daniel Paul, said the Frontier DL450 is a user-friendly dry minilab solution that provides high quality, high capacity output with minimal maintenance and training required.

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