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Godox 300 SDI Smart Studio Flash

Proizvođač: Godox 300 SDI Smart Studio Flash
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Šifra Proizvoda: 5633

€ 115,00

Smart series is designed for photographers seeking a high quality studio equipment at an affordable price, providing power from 100WS to 300WS. It is best for portraitor object shooting, also ideal in professional studio, Providing light source as high light, background light and hair stylelight. Aluminum housing is robust and durable to ensure prolong use.

This flash head uses a universal mount.


  • Model: 300SDI
  • Flash Output: 300 WS
  • Guide Number (ISO 100): 56
  • Color Temperature: 5600±200K
  • Power Voltage: AC220V 50HZ / AC100-120V 60HZ
  • Flash Power Control: Stepless
  • Modeling Lamp: 75W
  • Recharging Time: 0.5-2s
  • Flash Tiggering Method: Sync cord, Slave, Test button, Flash trigger
  • Triggering Voltage: 5V / DC
  • Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/800s
  • Fuse: 8A

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