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Godox DMR-16 Wireless Radio Studio Flash Trigger 16 Channels Receiver Only

Proizvođač: Godox
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Godox DMR-16 Wireless Radio Studio Flash Trigger 16 Channels Receiver Only ( samo receiver )

€ 17,00€ 5,00


  • The device is composed of two parts,namely signal transmitter and receiver.It is a control discreteness for camera to trigger studio flashlight synchronously.
  • Features: long-range, comprehensive barrier-free trigger lead flashing and outdoor photo studio lights flash. low power consumption, transmitter battery Standby up to a year, up to million times a row trigger, the trigger current is 0.01 mA. the work cost. 16  working channels, without disturbing each other.
  • Parameters: 1.Transmitter Power: 12V 23A lithium-ion battery 2.Transmitter Frequency: 433MHZ wireless remote system 3.Receiver Power: AC 100V-240V;50/60HZ 4.Channel: 16 5.Sync socket:¦µ6.35mm/¦µ3.5mm 6.Outdoor operation distance ¡Ü30 m (open space) 7.Indoor operation distance ¡Ü20 m (open space) 8.sync speed: 1 / 200 sec. 9.Transmitter Dimension: 72*40*33mm 10.Receiver Dimension: 72*59*34mm
  • Note: 1, the use of batteries in line with the machine. 2, the battery will run out, the receiver stopped working, update the battery. 3, or fall and avoid collision with hard objects. 4, should be confirmed prior to use studio flash trigger. 5, there are other places such as the use of radio waves, the phenomenon may be leak flash.
  • Suitable For: Work with all Camera units using universal hot shoe like Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Olympus, Pentax (except Sony, Minolta as they use a special hot shoe). Package Included: 1 x Transmitter 1 x Receiver 1 x PC Sync Wire Cable 1 x Convert adapter

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