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Pixel BATTERY GRIP MB-D14 za Nikon D600/D610

Proizvođač: Pixel
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Šifra Proizvoda: 3678

Pixel VERTAX battery grip za Nikon D600/D610. Koristi bateriju EN EL15 a uz adapter, koji je u pakovanju, AA baterije

€ 93,00


The Nikon D600/D610 battery grip extends autonomous operating time and facilitates more comfortable handling when shooting in portrait mode.
The pack features alternative shutter-release, multi-selector and AF start buttons for use when holding the camera in the vertical shooting position, as well as secondary main- and sub command dials. It is powered by six AA-size standard batteries or a specific Nikon Li-ion battery.

1. self-developed info chips complete compatiblity with oringinal cameras
2. full function design, including vertical shutter, command dial and other function buttons
3. Erogonics design, operating comfortably
4. Engineering plastic body and passed the drop test
5. PU anti-scratch surface dealing
we are Non-original battery grip

Fit for:
only for Nikon D600/D610

Package Include:

  • Battery Grip x1
  • AA battery holder x1
  • Lithium battery holder x1

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