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Proizvođač: BOYA
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Šifra Proizvoda: 7811

Supercardioid shotgun microphone

€ 165,00€ 90,00

• Integrated preamplifier

• Supercardioid polar pattern

• Wide/medium/narrow pick-up angle all available

• 2-step low-cut filter

• Low self-noise circuitry

• Lightweight aluminum construction

• Ideal for video recording, interview, sports commentary, TV broadcasting and filmmaking 


Boya BY-PVM3000 is a professional shotgun microphone kit, which consists of pieces interchangeable microphone capsules.
With BY-PVM3000S (small), BY-PVM3000M (medium) and BY-PVM3000L ( large) microphone capsules all included.

It allows BY-PVM3000 widely applied in various occasions,for instance film-making, broadcasting, media production, sports commentary etc.

With its supercardioid polar pattern, BY-PVM3000 could effectively reject any unwanted background noise from side and rear.
The longer microphone capsule is applied, the narrower pick up angle it offers, precisely pick up sound from the recording subject.

BOYA BY-PVM3000 features with built-in low cut filter switch on the preamplifier , if there are low frequency noises from air conditioner
or traffic while recording, please switch to the low-cut mode to eliminate these noises.

BY-PVM3000 features with an 3-pin XLR plug, if it needs to be applied on any DSLRs with a 3.5mm microphone socket, an XLR
female to TRS audio cable is required. Or if it needs to be applied on any camcorders with XLR socket, an XLR female to male
balanced audio cable is required, same audio cables are required if it needs to used on a professional recorders or other audio interfaces.

Compared with BY-PVM3000M,L, the BY-PVM3000S has the widest pick up angle, about 70 degree, with the loudest volume of sound recordings ,
the most ambient sound, very widely applied when the sound source is very close to the microphone.


 Transducer:  Electret Condenser
 Polar Pattern:  Supercardioid
 Frequency Response:


 Signal to noise ratio:  80dB
 Power requirements:  24 / 48V DC phantom power or 1.5V AA battery


 Output impedance:  50Ω
 Plug:  3-Pin XLR

 2-step low-cut filter

Low frequency filter switch  150Hz
 Net weight:



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