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Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16 (Sony)

Proizvođač: Samyang
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Šifra Proizvoda: 4045

Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16 Lens is a super-zoom telephoto refractor lens which packs super long telephoto zoom, great build and design, and serious value for money.

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Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16 Lens is a super-zoom telephoto refractor lens which packs super long telephoto zoom, great build and design, and serious value for money.

Whether used for photography or HD video applications photographing wildlife and nature at a distance, astrophotography, or long distance observational photography its quality far surpasses its cost.

The construction of the lens is of a high standard, made of high class metal exterior, and finished in black and white. A tripod collar is included, It weighs around 2kg, is over 46cm long, and a sturdy tripod is highly recommended when using this lens, or any similar lens such a long focal length.

The Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16 Lens is becoming very popular in moon and astrophotography, and can also be used as a high quality, low cost zooming telescope, or fieldscope with use of an optional eyepiece (available separately).

It features optical design of 8 elements arranged in 5 groups, with a aperture, and offers great optical performance with a superb performance to price ratio. The optics also feature Multi-coated (MC) coatings ensuring high light transmission.

With good technique it produces fantastic images at 650mm, and has the capability of zooming to 1300 for even extra magnification when required.

There is also an optional 2x converter (available separately) increases the actual focal length to a massive 1300-2600mm (giving an effective focal length equivalent of 2080-4160mm on a Canon 1.6x cropped sensor). However it is worth noting that using any converter on any lens there will be a loss of quality and light transmission (of 2 or more effective EV stops).

The Mounting system uses the T2 mount adapters, meaning the lens can be easily adapted to most digital or film SLR bodies by way of low cost T2 universal adapter mounts (available separately). T2 universal mounts are available to mount to most systems, including Canon, Nikon, Sony A mount / Sony E Mount, Pentax, 4/3 etc. If you are a photographer who has various camera bodies from different manufacturers, then another low cost T2 adapter is all that is required to mount the same lens to
other camera bodies, thus giving the lens great versatility.

The Lens is a manual lens with smooth manual focusing , with an internal focusing (IF) design. Due to the very narrow depth of field with such a long focal length it is recommended to focus with live-view to achieve accurate focus where possible. As with all long telephoto lenses a combination of sturdy camera support / substantial tripod, good technique, fast shutter speed, and use of remote / mirror lock up is recommended to avoid camera shake to achieve the best results.

The Samyang 650-1300mm is a fantastic lens, capable of some stunning results when careful technique, fast shutter speeds and rock steady support are employed.


Manufacturer Samyang Optics
Model Samyang 650-1300mm MC IF f/8-16 Lens
Lens type Telephoto lens
Focal length 650-1300 mm
Maximum aperture f/8 - 16 (fixed)
Min aperture f/8 - 16 (fixed)
Angle of view 3.8 - 2 degrees
Min focusing distance 5m
No. of diaphragm blades N/A
Focus type MF (Manual Focus only)
Lens construction 8 elements / 5 groups
Dimensions 105 x 462.9 mm
Weight ~2000 g
Filter Size: 95mm

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