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FlyCam 6000 Stabilization System with Magic Arm & Vest - BONUS Low Mode Cage

FlyCam 6000 Stabilization System with Magic Arm & Vest - BONUS Low Mode Cage

Proizvođač: FlyCam 6000 Stabilization System with Magic Arm & Vest - BONUS Low Mode Cage
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€ 1.190,00










  • A sophisticated camera stabilization system engineered to exceed the needs of today and tomorrows camera advancements.
  • Professional, fluid camera movement - no more shaky cam.
  • Supports DSLR's/HDV/&DV camera systems up to 22lbs.
  • Easy set up-Easier to use.
  • Picture perfect results.
  • Quality design and engineering.
  • Our industry leading 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Once considered a luxury and now a must have production tool, our PROAIM camera stabilizing systems provide directors and operators creative opportunities unheard of just a few years ago. Mirroring the advancements in DSLR's and pro camcorders, our design and engineering teams went to work to create an all-new sophisticated platform for image capture. The results of their effort, has made our Magic Kit an instant success. Add a price point of under $1,000 USD and it is easy to see why we get so many rave reviews. When it comes to quality - design and engineering come to us.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, LCD Monitor, Mic and Mattebox



  • Magic Arm
  • Magic Vest
  • Flycam 6000,
  • Low mode cage
  • Tripod Stand
  • Docking Bracket

Videos are for DEMONSTARTION purpose Only


Our stabilization system works by isolating the user's body motion from the camera, while the camera is balanced in a relatively inert and isolated state. We use the title Magic Arm FM to describe the Front Mounting system whereby the Arm distributes the rig weight over your body providing hours of fatigue free shooting.

  • Fully adjustable Universal Head for precision balance.
  • Highly sophisticated gimbaled mechanism prevents angular deviation when shooting.
  • Adjustable broad weight plate on steel rails allows heavier camera balance.
  • Ball tilt head for LCD monitor mounting.
  • Quick release plate for easy camera mount and removal.
  • Brick Battery mount provided.
  • Wheelbarrow bearing gives rotational control on camera axis.



The Camera Base plate has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots (holes) to accommodate a variety of camera bases. Adjustments are easy to perform for bothhorizontal and vertical axis by means of thumbscrews.


MAGIC ARM incorporates our advanced engineering and precision machining making it light weight, strong and the most sophisticated system in it's price range providing fluid moving shots and increased cinematic capability. When the cameraman moves, the base of the arm moves as well. But the spring system in the rest of the arm responds to the weight of the sled. Instead of a sharp jolt, the camera shifts its position smoothly. Should the body of the cameraman jerk,the camera will still glide even in low mode video shots.

Each arm segment looks like a parallelogram with an enclosed spring-shock-absorption-system.The arm consists of two segments called bones connected together with a pivoting hinge, two joint hingee and a vest connector and a gimbal connector.





This Vest includes a contoured chest pad, torso-gripping 4-point buckle system, and a height-adjustable chest plate. Our lightweight, cool body vest supports the upper torso, making it possible to fly cameras for extended fatigue free periods.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera and LCD monitor

Our Low Mode Camera Cage is meant for taking extreme/medium low angle shots with the stabilization system. It has a Tilting Adjustment to accommodate creative framing.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera and Matte Box


Easily portable, for transportation, the legs of the tripod stand when folded can be stored in a little space. Durable, long life construction and traditional rise, it is perfect for the professional / amateur videographer or the consumer who is looking for a high quality tripod. After the pack up, fold the stands up flat for easy transport and convenient storage.


Made of black anodized aluminum, the docking bracket is solid enough to easily hold the weight of your Stabilization system.


Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

EXCLUSIVE of Camera, LCD Moniter, Mattebox, Mic and View Finder

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