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Aputure Tri-8c FULL kit

Aputure Tri-8c FULL kit

Proizvođač: Aputure Tri-8c FULL kit
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-The Amaran Flagship, 24000lux@0.5m (Tri-8s) -Top Class Thermal Management -Wide color temperature 2300-6800K (Tri-8c) -Rock-Solid Metal Build -Intelligent Information Readout -Multiple Charging Methods -150M Wireless Groups Control -EZ Box Included

€ 620,00

Amaran Tri-8c/Tri-8s



The Amaran LED Series was designed with one goal: to craft the ultimate portable, high-quality LED light.
The new flagship product, the Amaran Tri-8, is the brightest, most compact Amaran light ever created.


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Brilliant Illuminating Power
The Amaran Flagship

The Amaran Tri-8 packs unprecedented power in an incredibly tiny amount of space. It packs
888 high-CRI (95+) LED lights into an 11.5-inch panel. The high LED count means the Tri-8s is
capable of outputting 24000 lux @ 0.5m, which is equivalent to a 600w

Brilliant Illuminating Power The Amaran Flagship
Brilliant Illuminating Power The Amaran Flagship
Brilliant Illuminating Power The Amaran Flagship

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Beyond Bi-Color

The Amaran Tri-8 completely reinvents the idea of color temperature versatility. The Tri-8s has a
color temperature of 5500K, making it perfect for daylight lighting. The Tri-8c goes beyond
traditional bi-color lighting systems, boasting an incredibly wide range of 2300-6800K, allowing
you to light any scene imaginable.

  • Beyond Bi-Color


  • Beyond Bi-Color


Unique Lamp Beads Array

The Amaran Tri-8’s tight honeycomb arrangement of the LED bulbs allows you to get
rid of patterned shadows for the perfect shot.

Unique Lamp Beads Array

Heat Dissipation
Top Class Thermal Management

The Amaran Tri-8 has an expertly designed thermal management system.
With gold lamp beads on the inside, a custom aluminum plate,
and the external increase of the flow-type cooling fins,
the cooling effects are maximized across the unit.

High-Quality Craftsmanship
Rock-Solid Metal Build

The Amaran Tri-8 is virtually indestructible. With an aircraft-grade aluminum body and slim
design, it allows for efficient heat airflow while maintaining a highly durable structure. To further
enforce its durability, the LED bulbs are covered by an impact-proof polycarbonate casing.

High-Quality Craftsmanship Rock-Solid Metal Build
High-Quality Craftsmanship Rock-Solid Metal Build

More Portable Than Ever

The Amaran Tri-8 ensures a portable lighting experience like no other. The stainless steel handles
in the back allow you to position the light either vertically or horizontally. It can be used as a
stand in rough terrain, or you can take it on the go for fast paced run-and-gun shoots.

Functionality More Portable Than Ever
Functionality More Portable Than Ever

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EZ Box Included

The Amaran Tri-8 comes with a perfectly fitted EZ Box
in order to maximize your light-shaping capabilities.
The EZ Box Softbox Kit prevents light spills, enhances
contrast, and provides high quality diffusion.

EZ Box Included

Full Kit Included

Full Kit Included

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